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Sales is the profit generator of any business.


While sales is the profit generator, improving sales is an age-old quest for every business.

Since time immemorial the fundamentals of sales have remained unchanged:

  • Prospecting

  • Qualifying

  • Presenting

  • Handling objections

  • Closing


  • Skills-gap

    • Many business owners have great products, great intentions and great academic achievements but cannot sell.

    • Many salespeople have not had formal sales training and were trained in-house by the owner or another salesperson.

    • Many sales people lack the verbal skills required to gain attention and secure an appointment.



The eternal sales question.


The eternal sales question


Is effective sales an art or a science?

Is it persuasion or domination?

Is it natural or learned a learned skill?

Are great sales people born or created?


Can anyone become a great salesperson or are there specific traits and competencies that top performers possess? And if so, what are those competencies?




Sales Success.


How much is belief and how much is simply doing it by the numbers?


At the YinYang of Sales we believe BOTH are equally important (as you would surmise from our name).

Here are examples of both sides. We know that mastering both, ensure meteoric success.


Inner Game/belief:

  1. Take some time to work out exactly who your target market is. Then within that market, which companies are your niche. Can you describe your NICHE market in very specific terms? Now, list 5 to 10 ideal customers you would love to sell to.