Dear Stephen and Vinesh.

Just a quick thank you note.

I met you guys at your talk in MonteCasino in September this year and you impressed me enough to sign up for your Sales Bootcamp at that very event. I love that you guys are so real and keep it simple. So many facilitators are full of opinions and have a hardcore "my way or the highway" approach. You guys live your teachings and look like you're having fun doing it.

The two days were quite thorough and very insightful - well worth a fortune to me. The monthly webinar programs are a great way to re-enforce what we learnt and hold us accountable to our own commitments. I’m really looking forward to the refresher Bootcamp in February, where I plan to tweak and improve on my sales approach.

Thank you both once again.

Kind regards Percy Thaver, Executive Director, Business Development

Miles AS

The YinYang of Sales duo, Vinesh Maharaj and Stephen van Basten, is the most dynamic sales team I have ever encountered.

The Strategic Business Development module they took my team and I through was mind blowing!


My Account Executive sparked the very next day and is performing way beyond her normal levels.

The ongoing sales insights in our strategic sessions are simply INVALUABLE.


Lee den Hond

CEO Blue Platinum Events and Business woman of the year 2016

Dear Vinesh and Stephen.


WOW. Thank you for the Sales Bootcamp on 6 Dec. It was exactly that. 12 intense hours of working on my business and sales focus.

I learned more in one day than the last 6 months with my current business coach.


I can’t wait for February where I can go through the process again.

I’m looking forward to the support webinar on Tuesday.


Ursula Gouws

Owner, Ursula Gouws Consulting

Hey Steve and Vinesh.

I was dreading doing your Sales Bootcamp. Sales is such an unknown to me. I hate seminars and bootcamps and sitting in a room all day doing role plays and sharing with groups of people. 

I am so pleased I attended yours. You are both great trainers and I learnt an incredible amount. I particularly enjoyed the inner-game work and working on my elevator and phone pitches.

I am pleased to say that despite promising I would not make any cold calls, I did make a few and made some appointments. A major breakthrough for me. Thank you. That was great.

Trevor Kaplan.
Owner, EyeFlyPhotography

Dear Stephen and Vinesh


Thank you for the two day sales bootcamp.


Before this I was clueless, now you have brought out the sales goddess in me.
I am busier than ever before and my business is booming.


Morgan Trevelyn

Dear Vinesh and Stephen


Before meeting you guys, I could not sell to save my life.
Now I can.


Today I closed my biggest sale ever. A R100 000 sale to Standard Bank.
All credit to you two.


Michelle du Preez
Business coach

Dear Stephen & Vinesh


Even though I have been in sales to close on 27 years I still walked away with diamonds from attending your 1 day Boot Camp.


It is amazing that just getting back to basics can be such a reminder of what the fundamental principles of sales is “ see the people “ as Tom Hopkins would say “ Belly to Belly “ is still one of the most effective ways of selling even today in our high tech digital world we live in.


Thank you for an outstanding down to earth course that also assisted us in making great contacts within the group of attendees where we could share our challenges & find workable solutions that we could take way and use immediately.


You make a great team working together giving the two views of sales which gives us both the hard and soft skills needed to CLOSE the deal.


Kind Regards, Madine Tyson,


Founder of Smart Teens

Good morning Vinesh


I just wanted to thank you for the awesome presentation this morning for us in the Discovery DFC branch.

Looking forward to the bootcamp, you breathe fresh life into a very difficult market place. Something I was longing for for ages.

All the best and all the success you guys deserve.


Theunis de Bruyn

Discovery Financial Adviser

Dear Vinesh and Stephen


Before meeting you guys, I could not sell to save my life.

Now I can.


Today I closed my biggest sale ever. A R100 000 sale to Standard Bank.

All credit to you two.


Michelle du Preez

Business coach

Dear Vinesh and Stephen


When one of my consultants completed your Sales Bootcamp, the change in her was very interesting. When we first met, I was a bit skeptical but loved your energy and fresh approach.


Your suggestion to speak at my company sales meeting to prove your value was a great idea and it worked beautifully!! 9 consultants immediately signed up for your 2 day sales Bootcamp.


When you suggested we do a Bootcamp solely for us at the Thermomix head office, I was delighted. I have been on many courses in my life and really didn’t feel like another one, but I decided to lead by example. My gosh, now I know why you call it a Bootcamp and not a seminar!! We worked our butts off! I cannot believe how much we were able to get through.


Your USP of being different, adding immense value and having fun are all true. We had a great time. So much so that I cancelled meetings and my much coveted business coaching which I had intended to ‘sneak’ out for. I could never have guessed how important the inner and outer game of sales really is and you could not have prepared me for how brilliantly the two of you bring that to the table.


Most importantly for me as a business owner, you lived up to your deliverable. The 10 of us managed to book over 25 dems in under 30 minutes. Imagine what is possible! Then as true salespeople yourselves, you sold us the value of ongoing support and your Rags 2 Riches program. My Team Leaders are unbelievably excited and focused right now and this will keep the momentum.


Brilliant! I’m excited at the prospect of hugely increased sales as the learnings filter down to the rest of the team and we work even more closely together with The YinYang of Sales.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am officially a convert.